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About Me


I want to help you elevate your life, which means assisting you in reaching your full potential. I want to help you grow and achieve your goals, which we can set together. I want to help you tell your story.


I received my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from Pacific Oaks College in Pasadena, CA. In the process of earning my degree, I participated in hands-on training working directly with individuals, including adolescents and their parents.


I have volunteered on the suicide hotline for over 8 years. I have also worked in a variety of mental health settings including private practice and an outpatient program, where I ran group therapy sessions with clients from a variety of diverse background, each with unique mental health challenges and goals.

I specialize in adolescent and adult individual therapy. I strive to help clients understand themselves better. I also help clients heal from the traumas they've experienced, especially in childhood. Our childhood experiences impact us today, and I want to help you make meaning of that and heal the hurts. Healing does not mean forgetting, but a way to move forward.

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